Courses and Workshops


Beginning September 2017


Increase self-awareness and learn how to connect better with yourself, others and the world around you. Grow with like-minded people in an uplifting, positive group where you will naturally expand.


  • Intro: Your aims and objectives for the course, how they will be met and all the practical things that have this course the success that it has been for the last 18 years.
  • Elements of connecting. Simple yet powerful exercises to expand the capacity your mind, body and spirit
  • Build confidence in your intuition and connecting. Stretching and building confidence in your Intuition and your ability to connect more deeply within yourself, with others and with the ‘bigger picture’.
  • Learn to read people. Learn Universal Journey – our unique system which makes it easy to tune in to and connect better with people.
  • Your transformational journey. Gain a stronger sense of Identity, experience the inner power and capacity you always suspected you had and see aspects of yourself that you never knew existed.
  • Practical uses: Feedback and Discussion: How to use UJ on yourself and other people for continued personal, professional and spiritual development. How to use it in practical situations such as when communicating with teenagers, attending appraisals and interviews, in public speaking and to experience more love and depth in your closest relationships.

About you:

I guarantee you will learn new things about yourself, unlock power and abilities you didn’t realise you had (or knew, but hadn’t been able to fully access on your own) and leave with new skills you can apply every day to improve your life and relationships.

I am available to answer questions individually on both Facebook and LinkedIn or by phone on 07958-316191.

I would love to discuss what drew you to personal, spiritual and professional development, and the work you have done so far. Also which  areas you feel you need particular help with and how our talks, courses and workshops can help you to stretch and grow into the person you would like to become.

  1. become more proficient in tuning in to a deeper level of communication and connection
  2. more confidence in listening to, letting yourself be guided by and acting on your intuition
  3. a better understanding of your unconscious communication processes and how this can benefit other people and yourself
  4. a stronger sense of purpose and direction and an expanded sense of self
  5. some context for all your personal, professional and spiritual development to date.

Benefits/Learning Outcomes:
  • You will have a series of short and simple relaxation/mindful exercises to use at work/home. They can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, gain perspective, improve creativity, gain inspiration and help you sleep.
  • You’ll have learnt a simple and reliable system that you can turn to time and time again to help you understand and connect with others, bring you closer to loved ones and improve your personal and professional relationships.
  • You will know how to apply this same system to yourself for your own self-development and as such, have something that you can rely on to feel more confident in making choices and decisions.

Introductory Talks and Demonstrations are delivered on week-days at your Meet-Up, Office, HQ, WorkHub or for your Group or Charity. They are usually last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Talks and demos offer a you practical introduction to connecting better with people and accessing deeper level communication skills. The focus is very much on gaining direct experience of the process then how to to apply it in everyday work situations such as communicating with clients, sales and service, customer care and on improving team and leadership communication.





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