Frequently asked Questions.

I’ve tried to cover everything you might need to ask, but if you still have Questions, contact me. 

How does a 1 to 1 Universal Journey work ?

If you’re having a 1 to 1 we will work together by phone or face to face, focusing on 3 key areas each time. If there are still spaces on my pilot programme, go here to book. If they are all taken you can book here

A 1 to 1 is basically a deep conversation that takes place on many levels at the same time. You will also experience visuals and vibrational changes in your body. It’s perfect if you’re feeling stuck, need direction and an action plan for the future, or are struggling with important choices or decisions. It will often confirm what you know deep down and can give context and meaning to life experiences and relationships.

It can cover your questions and goals in a superficial, deep or highly transformational/life-changing way. You dictate the pace and depth every step of the way and each session is completely personalized around you.

“My Journey led me to an instant of complete and absolute confessional honesty with myself, to a single powerful moment when I took down the barrier, simplified everything, accepted myself completely and set myself free.
It was a life changing experience which was followed by things changing very quickly for me afterwards. I got promoted, was able to clear some large debts in a very short space of time and met my now husband.
But these things didn’t happen by magic! My awakening made me more realistic and as a result I began taking real, true action in my life.” #uj

How do your Courses work?

Courses run over 6 weeks and take place on consecutive Saturdays from 11am-4pm in London. They are useful if you want to get better at accessing the different levels of information yourself and from the world around you. Clients have seen transformational results across the board as they learnt to incorporate their expanded awareness into everyday life.

“The results I got frankly stunned me – I found that if I just relaxed and did what came naturally I was able to relay back to people very specific and accurate information that there was no way I could have known. Alison helps take away all the fear from this process, making it easy to develop quickly. I also learnt to rely more on my Intuition as a result of the course, something that benefits me in every area of my life. I would recommend Alison’s courses to anyone wanting to develop good people, communication and ‘tuning in’ skills, and those who want to have more confidence in their Intuition.” #uj

Courses will also teach you how to merge with other people. This valuable skill helps you connect better in all your relationships. Clients have reported closer, more harmonious relationships with family and children, being less afraid to speak up, feeling validated, seen and heard at a very deep level and reaching realms within themselves (and a sense of confidence) they never knew existed. Courses give you the opportunity to explore every area of your life in the context of a much bigger perspective, then translate it into tangible results.

“My approach to meeting and selling to groups of new clients was very different before attending the rapport building workshop with Alison. Her presentation was clear, easy to follow and made complete sense to me. I used some of her suggestions at my next new business meeting and the results exceeded my expectations; I achieved 130% of my quarterly sales target and made bonus in the first 2 weeks of the quarter.” #uj

What about UJ for Teams?

Universal Journey helps teams improve performance using a merging of minds which helps people connect at a deep, almost telepathic level. This greatly benefits the whole as well as each individual. To reach that point we cover elements of Mindfulness, Listening, Communication, heightened Perceptions and a win-win ethos. Thoughtful and focused teamwork can produce outstanding results.

“The feedback on this was excellent and Alison absorbed our Company ethos and aims well to deliver and outstanding Training Event. She has the ability to see the whole problem and synthesize it clearly into action steps.”  

Team spirit is so positive and unified at last: One example of this was our Team organizing and running a very successful charity event which not only raised money for a good cause but helped us connect better as a Team and with other Company employees. Alison also helped us develop our own Team Charter; a set of guidelines designed to help us stay motivated, mutually supportive and effective. I needed help because my Team was underachieving, fragmented and de-motivated. After Alison’s Teambuilding Event my Team remained motivated well into the Quarter- Team spirit returned, unity was restored and there was a real sense of pulling together towards a common goal. My Team hit their yearly targets, 3 of my Team made Winners Circle and along with myself were recognized at a Company Event. Less than a year later we are the No 1 Team in the Department for Client Retention at 92%.” #uj

Where does the information come from?

The information we access together comes from within you, around you or the group, depending on how we’re working together. I tune in/merge with you at the same time, helping validate what you’re seeing and feeling and giving you pointers to help clarify and give context to your experience.

In this expansive state, you’ll have access to so much information that you didn’t before. This can lead to insights, solutions, bursts of creativity and developing useful skills like an open, quiet mind, deep listing, clear focus and heightened awareness.

Do I need to have any previous experience?

No, not at all. The Module 1 Audio (which you can sign up for here) is all you need to get you into an open, peaceful and receptive state. You do have to believe that there is something ‘more’ to you and life (have a spiritual bias), be curious about people, yourself and the world we live in, trust yourself/intuition and act on it when you know it’s right to.

I have found that the less people wrap around the experience (trying to define it in terms of being psychic, a flow state, telepathy – or over thinking it) the better their session is and the faster they can reach their desired outcomes. If you approach this with an open mind you will gain the “confidence to trust in yourself and step out into the unknown. I am amazed when I look back at how far I have come.” #uj

Do you have an online Diary?

Yep! You can access that here.

Has Universal Journey ever not worked for anyone?

No. Literally anyone can benefit from accessing a more expansive state using the UJ Model. It IS a very personal thing and some people take to it faster and deeper than others, but that’s often their character or approach (they are open, curious and interested in growth), not a reflection of their abilities. Sensitive people who trust and act on their inner voice/self/intuition/gut feelings seem particularly well suited to this. As are those who have had visions or experiences of other realities/altered states and are looking for context and a system they can continue to grow with – no drugs required!

But everyone benefits to some degree, and it’s something that will underpin your communication, relationships, work and personal development forever. 20 years in, my Clients are still using UJ every day;

“My study with Alison will undoubtedly have a lasting effect on my life. I cannot recommend a course of study with Alison strongly enough. The benefits are immediate, and the rewards not only to myself but also those who are close to me, immeasurable.” #uj

Where do the Teambuilding Sessions take place?

At your place of work.

Is there a minimum age?

I suggest 18 for now, but I have worked very successfully with young people from the age of 16+. It gives them a great set of life skills, unshakable inner confidence and an increase in empathy, self-awareness, direction and overall happiness.

If you work with young people, I am always happy to come in and do a demonstration or work with you to provide a mini-workshop.

Why are altered states valuable or desirable?

Apart from being a $4 trillion economy, they are popular because they take you out of your head and connect you with the deepest aspect of yourself. That’s where you have access to a deeper level of skills. Not just listening and connecting, but the ability to experience absolute peace and a sense of oneness. From here, we are naturally more in tune with ourselves and our world, more creative, inventive and expansive. Then, we take that and integrate and apply it to daily life.

Knowing that we can access that expanded state to some degree whenever we want makes us stop searching outside ourselves and instead, draw on the inner resources we’d previously lost touch with.

“Your course has been a revelation to me after years of searching for the right thing. It is difficult to put into words but I feel so free. I have changed a lot of beliefs and old, negative thinking patterns that did me no good. I have learnt to accept myself and I apply all this new knowledge about myself every hour of the day in different ways. Thank you.” #uj

What happens after a 1 to 1 Journey?

After we have spoken I usually suggest you do some kind of physical activity such as housework, go for a walk in nature, spend time with family – anything that stops you overthinking what just happened and grounds you back into your day to day life.

For the next few days, just observe and record what’s different – your behaviour, responses, beliefs and experiences. Initially, allow any questions to hover across the surface because they often get answered in your subsequent conversations and actions.

If you want support, accountability as you grow and bite sized activities to help you develop further, like and comment on my facebook page. I’m on there most days.

“The ‘Universal Journey’ is intensely powerful, but you will not be aware of this until later, as Alison makes the moment itself seem so effortless and natural that it’s effects are not immediately noticed. Three days later, however, my mind is still expanded and all the events crystal clear. Alison will accompany you on the journey safely and lovingly, a spectator of our mind and soul!”

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. I guarantee that UJ will change you for the better and will provide you with the next steps you were looking for when you stated your goals. I don’t offer refunds on Courses or Teambuilding, but if for any reason we don’t gel 5 minutes in to your 1 to 1 session, you don’t pay and we amicably part ways.

Where are you based?

SW London, UK.

How did you come up with Universal Journey?

You can read all about that here.



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