My goal is to demystify psychic communication/connection and expansive states, take them mainstream, and show how they can be practical and useful tools.

I’m a business owner/entrepreneur of 22 years with both start-up and new business experience and a 35 year track record of success in sales, marketing, training and consulting.

For as long as I can remember, I have been aware of and had experience with a deeper level of reality and interaction between myself, other people and the world around me. I remember seeing visions from the age of 7, which made me curios rather than afraid, because they were aspects of me that felt both familiar yet unknown at the same time.

I took a more active interest when my ability to merge/connect with my Oral B customers in my early 20’s helped me achieve 93% sales conversion and a 37% increase in sales at Revlon during my first quarter.

Initially it was about increasing sales and finding new ways to use my skills to leverage my business. That interest turned into a business, which led me down many different routes, including becoming one of the top Psychics in the UK.

During that time I was living in an awakened state, expanded beyond anything I had previously known or read about. I was on a high doing this work, which had a positive effect on everything. I felt completely aligned with my reason for being. It was never about predictions and I had difficulty identifying closely with the Industry because it felt like there was so much… more.

The psychic arena allowed me to develop my ability to tune into people – and helped me gain a better understanding of it through 25 years of research on over 16,000 clients. I realised that accessing, expanding into and learning to translate non-verbal information had uses far beyond increasing sales.

As I applied it to parenting, personal relationships, gaining insights, increasing creativity and answering my life’s biggest questions, I began to feel anchored by a deep sense of peace, belonging and clarity. My life started to make sense.

It is now accepted that increasing self awareness (UJ 1 to 1) and mastering people skills and teamwork (UJ Course) has never been more important. It’s not something that we are taught at school (though we should be) and people who aren’t naturally empathic and don’t trust/act on their gut feelings are often held back in their work and personal life.

My system allows you access at will to the vast inner and outer reservoir of information/wisdom that most people only glimpse spontaneously, so that you can gain a powerful and practical advantage in every area of your life, combined with a deep sense of peace.

To find out more, book a meeting with me. 

* The few times Universal Journey hasn’t worked are when clients have put up barriers to the connecting process or have not correctly followed instructions.
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