1 to 1 Universal Journey


1 to 1 Universal Journey:

How can a UJ Session help you?

Having successfully connected, merged with and interpreted non-verbal information from over 10,000 Clients, I consider myself a compassionate, accurate and highly skilled expert. I have 26 years experience and have been featured on BBC 1 TV and Radio 4 as well as in the local and national Press.

"I received the most perceptive and interesting 1 to 1 I have ever had from Alison. She has helped me look at my life in a more positive way and has opened my eyes to some new ways of propelling my life forwards from the 'limbo' state I am in at the moment. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone." Caroline Jager, West London
"Meeting Alison has changed my life. I came to her for guidance and found out many things about myself. Her believing in me and helping to find my goals has made me whole. Thank you." Donna Burton, Teacher
"I can't believe how much of me was revealed (in my session). I believe Alison to be a genuine person and something about her just drew me to her. It has really eased my mind and given me a lot to think about." Anne-Marie Kirton, Luton
"Refreshingly direct and positive in every way. Thanks so much." Rifa Bhunnoo, Raynes Park
"Brought into focus many things I have been thinking about. Accurately read my life situation and conveyed very useful information. Lovely lady - thank you - very much enjoys her own work and naturally very good at it." David Moore, SW London
"You confirmed a lot of things that I felt and thought and I needed that - you also challenged me and I needed that! I respect that too. Thank you." Danielle Courtin, South London
"The session was so accurate and really made sense to me. I think it will really help me get back on track. Thank you."Annabel Gammampila, Middlesex
"That was the most unbelievable thing! How can a stranger know me? Nothing like this could ever have been expected. My first session but not the last with you - thanks a million." Sandra Monato, Luton
"Very perceptive and open-minded. It was good to have  a new viewpoint on aspects of my life." Matt, Rochester
"Excellent 1 to 1 - best I have ever had. Very accurate and full. A warm and lovely counsellor." Tina, Barking
"It felt like a very accurate reading in all aspects of my life - it crystallized everything that has been happening and gave me the confidence to go forward without fear in the direction I have chosen. It reassured me that I was not alone and instilled belief in my own intuition. Thank you." Norah Marshall, SW London

1 to 1 Universal Journey is a unique, eye-opening 75 minute period where you and I communicate on many different levels. It will show you realms within yourself that you never knew existed and help you to see your relationships, experiences and life from a more integrated point of view. It can answer pressing questions, help with focus and direction, shed light on important decisions and enable you to see patterns that had eluded you before.

It is a deeply moving experience as well as being very practical. It will confirm that you are more than you suspected, but as much as you knew, deep down. Universal Journey creates a positive ripple which will flow into every aspect of your life and brings a new, expanded, more complete version of you into the present.

Your session is completely personalized by you around one to three of the following areas:

  1. career
  2. relationships
  3. family
  4. health/well-being
  5. finances/security
  6. personal development
  7. passion/impact/legacy
  8. business; insight, opportunities and growth
  9. your choice.


A very powerful experience

I have been a client of Alison’s for about 8 years now, coming to her when I needed direction or had big life changes that needed makingUniversal Journey followed on from this quite naturally and fitted in well with my own meditation and spiritual practice and background as a Personal Trainer/Exercise Therapist/Metabolic Typing Advisor.

We started our 1 to 1 session with a quick relaxation. I became aware that my hearing was heightened and sharpened and I felt connected to everything in the Universe. It was so peaceful and calm there…  This was a very powerful experience.

As Alison and I continued I knew I had reached the source of my being. At this point, I felt bigger and stronger, as if the whole experience had confirmed to me that I am more than I thought but as much as I realized. It’s hard to put into words but it felt so natural to slip into this ‘me’ that I had always known existed but hadn’t fully known how to access so completelyI was aware that even the smallest cells in my body had changed and the whole experience was amazing.

Since I took Alison’s Universal Journey, it’s like my source talking… bringing spiritual consciousness into my day to day life. Overall the process was clear, easy to follow and felt very comfortable and I have recommended it to friends.  I didn’t experience anything new on my Universal Journey as such, but all my previous experiences and bits that I had done in past meditations now make more sense. It has given me a complete picture and a framework that I can dip back in and add to.

I found Alison’s Universal Journey has made me more spiritually aware and helped keep me on trackOn a practical level, it has made me listen to and trust/act on my instincts much more. I feel clearer, more ‘connected to myself’“. Penny, London

The connection between my children and I is stronger

“A big thank you for the amazing UJ experience. I absolutely loved it and have had a huge grin on my face ever since. You are a very talented person and thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Re my sugar cravings. It was very powerful to feel and understand where these come from. Learning that there is a positive reason rather than a negative one behind them makes me feel empowered to try and deal with these more effectively now.

I was very humbled and excited to realise the effect my work (which I often consider to be mundane and un-meaningful) has on other people. Having validation and acceptance feels very powerful and I now feel most definite that I’m meant to be a writer and should stick with this.

I feel very positive about the future for my husband and my work knowing that there is success ahead. Learning to connect with other people’s inner cores is going to be an invaluable ‘tool’ for meetings and in life in general.

* The connection between my children and I is already stronger from what we did today, and the methods you have given me will help me make them even more strong. They are wonderful boys and you have helped make me see this in a whole new light. I feel delighted that my father is still linked to my family and is in no-way ‘gone’ from our lives.

* A very simple but effective way to show me that I’m already much closer to nature than I thought, and now realise how easy it will be to get even closer. I feel that this ‘oneness’ will in turn help me to keep my relationship with my Husband strong.” Julia, London

Probably one of the most significant experiences of my life

Probably one of the most significant experiences of my life – Alison clearly authored this self discovery programme in a way that does not feel complicated or need previous knowledge in meditation or similar practices; it can be done by anyone wishing to understand themselves more, for it is a process that enables you to get in touch with your deepest self.

It is best to expect nothing and just ‘be’ –and as Alison guides you through it, you will soon find that you reach realms within yourself that you never knew existed. 

In my journey I experienced the greatest revelations about myself and also about the people close to me – this experience had a ripple effect in my daily life as I was more centred, more calm and more aware.

I felt I began to understand what I am truly about and what my unique gifts are. I would recommend the Journey to anyone who wishes to really understand themselves more, who wishes to be able to communicate at a more authentic level with family, friends and colleagues and who wants to achieve deep seated harmony and peace with themselves. I would encourage anyone to just go for it – you can only gain from it!” Ming Tai, London

Shifted blockages that had been holding me back

I have known Alison for about 11 years and have had several life readings from her and attended one of her courses. I used to run my own holistic therapy business for 9 years and also taught Reiki before I had my daughter 3 ½ years ago.

Universal Journey enabled me to shift blockages that had been holding me back over the past few years and made me feel complete again. I no longer felt so alone on my spiritual life journey. Universal Journey was simple in its approach and I was able to easily immerse myself within it. Alison is very good at making you feel instantly comfortable. 

Trusting the process and what I saw was very important. I can often over analyse things, however during my session that part of me seemed to silence itself somewhat. Afterwards I found that I felt immense peace, joy and happiness. I felt fully connected again and had a clearer idea of where my energies should be focussed. 

Since taking this journey with Alison I have experienced several shifts in my life rather like you experience after a Reiki attunement. People and situations which were not serving my higher purpose have been challenged and discarded as appropriate.  

However, I have still felt immense inner peace throughout these changes and have known that they are right for my growth. Whereas before I may have wavered in trusting my instincts, after taking the Universal Journey I have stood firm and weathered the storm.

This whole process has served me well and the follow up support Alison provides means that you are not left alone if shifts and changes do occur. For me this was a profoundly peaceful and beautiful experience. I very much recommend it to anyone wishing to understand themselves and those around them better.” Charlie, Dorset.

Pricing and small print:

UNIVERSAL JOURNEY: I charge £250 per hour and most Journeys run for 75 minutes. They are absolutely unique to us. A Journey is like a deep, very connected conversation that you need to be able to relax into and not overthink. For that reason I supply you with an audio beforehand which uses mindful-type techniques to keep you focused, relaxed and present during your appointment.

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