We are currently up-dating our courses and 1 to 1’s for mission-driven Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Experts who want better results and more clarity, creativity and well-being.

Do you sense that there is a more to life – an undercurrent or energy – and when you’re in it, life flows better?

Do you instinctively feel that connecting to it more closely would make day to day life better; you’d feel more awake, aligned and benefit from better relationships and communication.

Now you can…

Universal Journey 1 to 1 ‘Life Accelerator’ strategy sessions will help you to see your life from a crystal clear, expanded perspective. We’ll then discuss action steps you need to move your life forwards in the face of change, choices and decisions.

New here? Your free ‘Listen Deeply’ short audio will help you reconnect with your inner spark, so that you can communicate and connect more powerfully with others.

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"I recently attended one of Alison’s courses and could never have known how much it would change my life and my way of thinking. She encourages people to assess their lives and brings out the potential that they unknowingly have. I would recommend her to anyone".
Jill Dean, Computer Programmer, London
"I would like to say a big thank you to Alison for putting on the Course. I have greatly enjoyed it and met some wonderful, like-minded people. Alison is a great teacher... she gives thought-provoking, positive feedback and gives you the confidence to trust in yourself and step out into the unknown. I am amazed when I look back at how far I have come."
Scott, Computer Programmer, London
"I really enjoyed the Course and feel I got a lot out of it. I found it very easy to understand and Alison explained things in such a way that it was easy to follow. You gave me confidence in myself and made me look at life from a different perspective."
Yvonne Menton, Herts
My approach to meeting and selling to groups of new clients was very different before attending Alison’s presentation. I used some of her suggestions and achieved 130% of my quarterly sales target in the first 2 weeks of the quarter.
Kiran, IT Sales, Surrey
I was recommended to your course and was initially a bit sceptical but have been blown away by what I've learnt. I didn't expect our sessions to have such a huge influence on my work and business. On a personal level it helped me to be more open with my emotions and more accepting of myself as a person.
Ian, Agricultural Sales, UK
I attended one of Alison's courses and found that it met all stated objectives. It provided me with some practical tools to use day to day and has built my confidence in using those tools. Alison has a particular talent for explaining issues and ideas in a way that resonates very clearly and de-mystifies concepts. It almost seems ludicrous that you felt 'silly' exploring these themes in the past.
Jenni, Midwife, Herts.

Universal Journey has been called ‘revolutionary’ because it gets you into an expanded state which safely and easily allows us both to tap into the fields of information that surround us all. It’s been developed over 36 years, tested on 16,000+ clients and featured on mainstream TV and in the UK national press.

alison roberts media coverage

1 to 1 Universal Journey: get on the right path for the future and see your life/business from a different perspective.

A snapshot and deep dive into the areas of family/relationships, work/career, security/money, health/wellbeing, personal growth, legacy/contribution/impact (choose 3) to help make important decisions, improve relationships, reconnect with your inner voice and take aligned action.

“Her sessions provided deep insights, raised my self-awareness and as a result have improved my communication with others.” Susan, CEO

I am more tuned in on every level. I communicate with everyone much more naturally and with a greater empathy… and have an inner peace which is so amazing.” Olwen, Lawyer and Coach


Sales and Teambuilding: outstanding results, less friction and better teamwork.

Teaching you and your Team the basics of merging/connecting to increase performance and overall happiness.

“My approach to meeting and selling to groups of new clients was very different before attending Alison’s presentation. I used some of her suggestions and achieved 130% of my quarterly sales target in the first 2 weeks of the quarter”. Kiran, Senior Sales 

“An outstanding Event. Using some of the principles she taught in her Training, my Team became (and still are) No 1  in the Company for Client Retention at 92%.” Dounia, Manager.


Courses: 6 consecutive Saturdays in London (UK). Deepening your relationships, improving communication and being more ‘you’ in the world.   

 Connection on many levels; to yourself, others and the world around you – to better equip you and your loved ones to survive and thrive in our demanding world.

“It’s difficult to specify all the things that I got out of your Course, Alison, because there were so many. Thanks to you, I have discovered abilities in myself I never dreamed I had. You taught me to believe and trust myself and encouraged me to allow an opening-up process which has begun a chain of incidents and insights I will always be grateful for. You engender confidence in your students and I have been inspired by your Course.” Claire, Actress.


Transform your relationships, work and the way you see yourself and the world.

Call Alison today on +44 208 8769201 or email hello@universaljourney.co.uk


Alison is an amazingly gifted person – she tunes into groups and individuals creating harmonious spaces for personal development on many levels. I can honestly say I have never met anyone like Alison. If you get the chance to work with her – grab it!

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