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By now you have probably realised that there is a big difference between listening, communicating and really connecting. Universal Journey is a highly intuitive system that teaches you how to ‘connect’. I’m guessing that’s something you’re interested in. On this page we’ll answer ‘what can Universal Journey do for you’?


It’s a combination of empathy, listening, communication, self-awareness, mindfulness (or being present), rapport and a feeling of being completely on the same wavelength. At a basic level, it’s something that resonates with you, deep in your body and soul. It’s undeniable. You may have felt it when you listen to a song and the words and emotions make you tingle. The music seems to go ‘right through you’.

There are many, many ways that you will experience a connection but the one thing that all your experiences have in common is that they are absolute, certain. I have spoken to many couples who experience this certainty when they meet someone they see as their soul mate.

I saw Alison in 2008. Myself and my boyfriend Steve at the time went to see her for a session on using our intuition and tuning into our psychic abilities. We did an exercise at the end where we tuned into each other and I saw us getting married. Not long after, we split up because it didn’t feel like the right time, but always remained in contact. Sparked by the confidence in trusting myself after that session, I continued my journey training in Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring and Spiritual Healing and now have a holistic practice. I’m very excited to share with you that Steve and I got back together 2 years ago, and we are getting married this weekend! So, thank you Alison for teaching me to trust my intuition and inner guidance!


There are many clues and they vary slightly from person to person, but here are a few:

  1. You’ll suddenly be on the same wavelength as someone, completely.
  2. You’ll feel like you have known the person you’re talking to forever. They will feel the same about you.
  3. You’ll speak with incredible clarity and say things that seem to resonate deeply with people, without trying.
  4. You’ll get impressions and feelings about someone that you just ‘know’ are right.
  5. You feel energised and upbeat, like you’re fizzing with electricity.
  6. Your conversation and a sense of the person/people you’ve connected with will stay with you afterwards.
  7. When you speak to a small group or room full of people, you feel tuned in and powerful. You are aware that you’re making a lasting impact on some or all of the participants.
  8. You notice that your senses are heightened and you seem to feel more.
  9. You may feel heat, cold or tingling, either once or in waves, throughout a conversation or presentation. This can happen both on the phone or face to face.
  10. You may notice that the person looks different as you speak. Smoother, more alive. They seem to ‘glow’.
  11. When you’re really connected, you feel like you’re seeing right into someone.
  12. You’re completely absorbed by the interaction between you and whoever you’re connecting with.
  13. Afterwards, people will tell you that you’re glowing – you seem brighter, more buoyant. It can feel a bit like falling in love, because you will feel on a ‘high’.

Before I met my son’s father, I knew that I was about to meet someone significant to me. As the feeling grew over a couple of weeks, I got two dates and a specific venue in mind. As I wasn’t sure which of the two nights to go so I went on both. He turned up on the second night and I recognised him immediately. It was like I had known him forever.

On the way home from his rowing practice earlier today, my son was telling me about the energy bars he was going to make but needed almond milk, something we never buy. When I was at the supermarket yesterday I bought almond milk… No idea why I did that until today. These small (and sometimes big) instances are part of my daily life. I don’t even question it any more…

“Combining connecting with key elements of personal development iwhat differentiates it from communication and what will give you a unique personal advantage.”


The ‘Communication Rule’

A study by Albert Mehrabian Ph.D, Professor of Psychology, UCLA, determined the 7% – 38% – 55% Communication Rule, that is:

  • 7% of communication is words
  • 38% is our tone of voice
  • 55% is communicated through our body language.

And that’s talking about traditional body language. Imagine how much is going on vibrationally which you can access using Universal Journey?

Connecting is not as random or spontaneous as people think it is, and it can be learnt:

People are generally at their most ‘connected’ with friends and family. You may have found that too – that you are able to tune in to them better when your mind is peaceful – for example when you’re doing the gardening or washing up. The key points here are quiet mind and barriers down.

You’re relaxed, receptive and present. This is the start of the connecting process. You’ll hear about additional techniques that will seem very familiar (that’s because you’ve been using them unconsciously all your life) that you can use them to replicate this sense of closeness with people you have just met both personally and in your professional life. This ability to create instant rapport can have huge benefits for you…





Connecting with other people is a skill everyone benefits from, most of us could do better at, and something that will serve you in so many ways for the rest of your life. You’ll need it to make friends and network – for a school, university or job interview – for meetings, group presentations and public speaking.

In your professional life you will need to tune into and connect with clients, be memorable to the right people, build relationships, stand out, communicate your value and message and get promoted. If you’re in management you’ll need cutting edge people skills to be able to lead and command respect from your team. I have written more about that on the business side of the site here.

What about in your personal life? If you’re a parent, you’ll want the relationship you have with your children to be the best it can be. There is nothing more important, for their sakes and yours. It may surprise you to know that your children are already tuned in at this deeper level, they naturally connect and have a far greater awareness than you can imagine. Because your awareness of their capacity is limited by your own.

In other words, before it’s educated out of them, your child can see more of you than you can of them. They just don’t always have the framework or words to express it…

As a parent, imagine being able to suddenly connect more deeply with your child. My son says this has made him happier and feel closer to me. He says that developing his ability to connect has helped him find out more about himself and makes his life feel three dimensional rather than two.

Same applies to your relationship with your partner and family. Learning to connect can break down barriers to communication and help you express yourself better. It will make you feel more authentic as you express yourself emotionally, mentally and physically in a way that’s driven by and completely aligned with your intuition/core self/inner voice.

There is a special magic when that happens… and you’ll feel some or many of the things on the ‘how do you know that you’ve connected’ list above. It’s the magic that tells you deep in your soul that we are all connected. That there is a purpose, a bigger picture, that all this does have meaning. It’s hugely empowering.

  1. Creates instant rapport
  2. Makes you memorable to clients and peers
  3. Helps you to make more of an impact
  4. Opens up your potential by showing you a broader perspective to communication
  5. Improves your relationships
  6. Breaks down barriers
  7. Reduces nerves associated with public speaking
  8. Helps you cope better with stress and trust and act on your Intuition more
  9. Makes you a more confident person
  10. Helps you get to know yourself better/increases self-awareness.

My husband had recently become secretive and defensive, withdrawing from me in every sense and for the sake of myself and my three children, I was looking for a remedy or an out-clause. On Alison’s Course, not only did I discover that I was able to use my own psychic and telepathic abilities on a day-to-day basis, but I also found some of the answers to my questions vis-à-vis my marriage. I didn’t leave my husband but took the harder option of staying with him and now express myself without fear – something that many people and particularly women, find very hard to do while they are embroiled in a negative and destructive relationship cycle. Whilst he didn’t like everything I had to say, we are currently working through the changes.  He behaving more reasonably, but more importantly, I am different, more open and available to him resulting in him being able to be more open with me. Alison’s course didn’t work miracles but she allowed me to make my own miracles…perhaps far more satisfying in the long term…



So far, we’ve only spoken about how Universal Journey can help you connect with other people and improve your relationships. We haven’t even touched on your own personal development yet.

Follow the link to find out more about growing as a person and becoming more self-aware using Universal Journey.


Universal Journey Personal Development



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