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Introduction to Communication and Personal Development Workshop


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Welcome to the new workshop we’re running which will give you a taste of Universal Journey.

The object of this new Workshop is for you to expand and develop your skill-set, discover ways to use it in everyday life/relationships and have a framework you can rely on to progress further.


After this workshop you’ll notice:

  • An improvement in your communication and relationships – you’ll connect better both personally and professionally. 


  • That you’ll have more confidence in yourself and your intuition – you’ll feel clearer and more certain about people, choices and decisions.


  • An increase in self-awareness – you’ll discover new things about yourself that will make you feel stronger and more powerful. This will help you to make sense of your life and put past and present events into context.


Recent clients’ results:

  • A client in her late 30’s was born with no sense of smell had learnt to live with her condition until she did her first Universal Journey 1 to 1. Her sense of smell returned to 100%.
  • A pregnant Client wanted to connect more deeply with her baby before he was born. As she connected with his Core/Soul, he became more responsive to her voice and she felt closer to him. She also felt calmer during the birth.
  • An IT Salesman wanted tips for improving his sales figures and creating better rapport with his clients. He achieved 130% of his quarterly sales target within the first two weeks of the quarter.
  • A working Mum wanted to get clearer on her purpose, have more confidence and a closer relationship with her husband and children.

She says: 1) “I was very humbled and excited to realise the effect my work has on other people. Having validation and acceptance feels very powerful. 2) The connection between my children and I is already stronger and the methods you have given me will help me make them even more strong. 3) This ‘oneness’ (I feel) will help me to keep my relationship with my Husband strong.”

 You’ll notice a real difference in your confidence, relationships and level of self-awareness.


The Workshop lasts four hours, costs £55 and will be held in SW London. Class size limited to 10.  For more details on dates and times, please go here.


On this Workshop you’ll learn how to:

1.       Trust and follow through on your intuition/inner self

2.       Find out more about yourself/your potential and increase your confidence

3.       Tune in to a new level of communication which will improve your relationships and help you make more of an impact personally and professionally.



The workshop is split into four main sections:

1 Learn how to tune into a deeper level of communication by becoming more focused, receptive and quiet. 

2 Learn more about yourself:

  • Your strengths, character and key values.
  • Your potential, power and purpose.
  • Your connections and how to strengthen your close relationships.
  • Your goals and practical actions to move your life forwards.

3 Learn to connect better with other people:

  • Tune in and create an immediate connection
  • Get closer to your children and be a better parent.
  • Use your intuition and deep empathy to gain exceptional leverage in your personal and professional relationships.

4 Cement your learning, experiences and skills into the context of your life in the final part of the day with practical examples and further exercises. 

You’ll also be given some exercises to take away with you and details of follow up, continuing education and support.



Summary of main benefits:

1.     Help you to trust and act on your intuition/inner self

2.     Make you more confident and self-aware

3.     Help you to tune in to a new level of communication – within yourself and others – thereby improving your relationships

4.     Teach you valuable people skills which will give you a real advantage in everyday life – both personally and professionally


For more detailed information about the four parts of the Workshop, please go here. To secure your space now, please go here.Download your priority application form: PDF LSCPD Intro Workshop Registration Form1 2014 


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