Businesses: Learn how to Connect with Universal Journey


Interested in learning how to connect rather than just communicate?

Find out how the services we offer can help your Business, Team or Organisation connect better both internally and externally. Throughout the connecting process, I use Universal Journey; a simple, proven and intuitive system that I have developed over the last 26 years. It has been tried and tested on over 11,500 clients with 98%* success rate.  

Alison, I was recommended to your course and was initially a bit sceptical but have been blown away by what I’ve learnt. I didn’t expect our sessions to have such a huge influence on my work and business. On a personal level it helped me to be more open with my emotions and more accepting of myself as a person.


How does Universal Journey work?

  • It teaches you how to connect by taking you through a specific series of steps, some of which are tailored to your individual/company’s needs
  • Each step is short and simple, making it easy to learn, understand and integrate into everyday life.
  • It has a cumulative effect. The more you do it, the more intuitive it becomes, the more your experience of ‘connecting’ develops and improves.
  • It has far reaching benefits. The improvements you experience are not just restricted to the way you listen, communicate, connect and manage stress in the workplace. You’ll experience a shift that will have a positive impact on every area of your life
  • The skills you’ll learn will last a lifetime. As one client says “I still remember her teachings 14 years later!”



What are the different stages of the process?

Briefly, you’ll learn to

  • be present and mindful (quiet your mind and be receptive and alert at the same time).

These principles are already being used by Companies like RBS, Google (‘Search Inside Yourself’), Goldman Sachs, BT, Lloyds TSB, JP Morgan Chase & Co and Barclays. Mindfulness is also being taught in UK Universities as a core component to Leadership.

  •  clear and heighten your senses.

Many people are only operating on one main sense, sometimes two. This means that there’s lots of information that you’re missing out on. This is a powerful process – one of my clients regained her sense of smell after she was born without it using these simple exercises.

  • listen to your body and intuition.

This part supports essential listening skills, builds confidence and is recommended and used by people like Oprah, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.

  • Interpret the signs of ‘connecting’ and how to develop further.

This last part of our work involves tailoring Universal Journey to fit your specific needs and goals.  

How do you deliver your services?

My work is split into two areas; Personalised 1 to 1 Sessions and Group Training

1 to 1: Consultations/Journeys
Personalised Training for Groups TeambuildingMini Workshops Introductory Talks/Demos

It sounds interesting. What’s next?

If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, and whether you’d like to find out more about hiring me to work with your group, office, club or would prefer a 1 to 1, please get in touch for more information and pricing.

Services for Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Organisations


* The times Universal Journey hasn’t worked are when clients have put up barriers to the connecting process or have not correctly followed the instructions.

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